Begredelige ting!

Ja, hva er nå egentlig begredelige ting?? Begredelig stammer i fra det anglosaksiske ordet å mislike; ihvertfall så er det det jeg har kommet frem til. Av og til sitter man på en seng av torner som stikker noe så forbannet lumsk inn i den bakre delen av korsryggen, at det eneste man får lyst til er å skrike ut en lumsk melodi av banneord og synonymer blandet med antonymer får det kvinnelige ordet kjønnsorgan. Det kaller jeg begredelig. Av og til så er det sånn at man ikke gleder seg til middag. I gamle dager, det jeg vil kalle 90-tallet, så var det sånn at dersom jeg fikk noen form for middag blandet med det stygge fiskepudding/fiskeboller krydderet karry eller karse,så valgte jeg å putte hele drittmiddagen i olabuksen. Det vil dermed ai at lommene ble overfylt med alt som er og smaker dritt her i livet. I tillegg til det så kan du jo tenke dere varmen ifra retten som lå og bobblet bare ett par cm. i fra Stuart “BIG”, ikke Stuart “Little” som i animasjonsfilmen. Det førte til rosa flekker på lårene like overveldende som patetisk mørne roastbeefskiver, og jeg kan love en ting: Hadde jeg befinnet meg i Yemen på den tiden, så ville de spist lårene mine opp som om jeg var en god gammeldag høstakkemiddag i USA. På en annen side såp kan det jo argumenteres for at de ikke spise kjøtt.. Men der tar dere i heimen feil!! De lårene mine så ut som polstrede troikarøde pasjonsfrukt som ikke ligger langt unna standarden for Halal behandlig av helt vanlig lammebiff!!

Jeg har kommet frem til den konklusjon idag at jeg kanskje synes at ting er litt begredelig i det siste. Jeg tror nok det har noe med at eksamene kommer innenfor rekke som fire uskyldige språttser på vinduene til de tre små griser, og ulven prøver febrilsk som ett irreterende Corn Flakes flak å blåse de vekk! Uansett nå må jeg tilbake til studiene. Jeg kan ikke være Montesaurus hele dagen.

Peave Hombre

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So today’s topic is impulsiveness. I consider myself extremely impulsive, probably far beyond what’s normal. However I have a friend of mine who is even more impulsive, and her name is Sina. For a long time now, she has promised and constantly reminded us about when she is to leave the country. She asks herself frequently and quite often the people who surround her too; what path now? What’s next for me? I’m confused god dammmmmit!!! 🙂 hehe, it sounds initially that she is an annoying prick who of some reasons cannot reach up to the top shelf in the candy department and grab the “Hobby” chocolate. Well, I don’t know so much about her ability to grab the candy she desires, but I do know this: We love Sina for being the unique fantastic creature she is!! And today, and what’s concerning our newest topic, namely impulsiveness; she actually decided to do another semester here!!! And that was truly music in my ears.. We would have missed a great asset if she decided to leave permanently, so it’s basically a day of celebration. I don’t know how you are going to celebrate, but I know what I’m going to do. I will celebrate with a cup of water and an interesting journey through my international accounting book.


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?What path now? Dedicated MattaGGGG:3

Hello again.. So this day I’m asking myself ironically what path to go now? Well, to say it how it is, I have never really paid any attention to the future what-so-ever because planning the future just means you’re not satisfied with the current state. I’m a blessed pussy to be so lucky that I cannot really remember a bad day during my whole life. I know I have experienced them, but it happens rarely. Today for instance was actually a bad day. I had my exam today and I realized that I had forgot to wash my most valuable possessions, so during the whole exam I was scratching my balls so hard at the same time I was working out numbers with my calculator. Who says guys can’t do two things at the same time? Well my point here is that people are too busy trying to work out or plan if you will the future, instead of planning the presence time. Hello motherfuckers, it’s of course alright to plan certain things that might will happen later on in your lives, but do the with some moderation! People think that the grass is always greener at other locations, but suck on this one losers: From the very first day I popped out of the darkness and saw the light, my grass has been so green that I’m actually considering coloring my pubic hair in green. Well this is just my opinion. But hell yeah it matters

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Hell fucking yeah

So! My birthday was yesterday and as I would expect, it was fucking awesome. I was surrounded by my friends and they gave me love, shrimps, presents and so on! I hate to admit it, but sometimes it feels surprisingly great to have a bunch of crazy people taking care of you whether if it’s scratching your ass or if is some other thing you want them to do.

So! I have started this blog and just a few friends of mine know it exists. However; I am not not going to do a lot of marketing effort in order for people to know that I am here for them. Hell no sister! I am doing this for myself actually. Sometimes it’s just good to write something down, just for pure bullshit, words made of bullshit, because the day has might been fantastic or bullshit! But I must say it happens very rarely that I have a bad day, but when I have one, it feels like you just want to go fuck yourself on the summit of Mount Everest.

next reason for writing this blog is because I have some friends who really want me to do this. I don’t know why, but i reckon it’s because I’m awesome.

One more thing, the best blog in the whole world is this one. the one I do get my inspiration from.

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What to do?

Today I have been constantly walking back and forth without any purpose at all. This day has been exclusively brutal as I had to wait for the bus around 12 minuttes, participate in a lecture and all this without breakfast. I thought as a student, I would no longer have to get up early in the morning, but apparently so many people demand this and that out of me that I no longer see any joy. For instance on Friday, I have been asked out by three beautiful girls, but who to pick? Fuck my life! More is coming up later from the pinkgoatbook. But for now; this is it!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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